About Dark Brown Records

Who We Are

Dark Brown Records (DBR) started in Los Angeles California 2011.

We hope darkbrownrecords.com will become one of the largest web sites on the internet for finding the Quality Original pressing vinyl records.

Our records are mostly Original Pressings

We believe original pressing is the Best sound quality, so we usually don't sell later reissue or bootleg unless otherwise noted.

Check Us On Other Web Site.

We are selling records on other web site, such as eBay, Discogs, Amazon.

We also Have eBay store, and doing Auction every monday. Please see links below and check our Feedback.

eBay Store: RecordseBay Seller: SaruraieBay Seller: aldineheri
Discogs: 84nVanNess
Amazon: 84nVanNess

We Buy Your Record Collection

We are the most top pay to buy your record collection in the world. We go anytime, anywhere to check & buy your records.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or feedback.

Store Location:

Dark Brown Records

Store Address:
8320 S Van Ness Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Store Hour:
9 AM-5 PM PST Open 7 Days a Week

Office Address:
760 Lillian Way
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Tel: (+1) 310-923-3088 or (+1) 323-823-7417
(24 Hours Customer service)
E-mail: info@darkbrownrecords.com

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